Trust & safety

We take safety and security to new levels 

Safety and security are among the top concerns with short-term rental property owners. Our $5,000,000 Lodge Love Guarantee is unmatched in the industry. Lodge Lovers partners with Know Your Guest to help manage risk and protect you from fraudulent bookings. By implementing our industry-leading guest screening technology, you’ll know exactly who is staying in your short-term rental every time. Here is what this enables us to do:

- Reduces problematic guests.

- Helps prevent guests' parties

- Lessens chances of credit fraud

- Reviews linked social media profiles

- Checks US sex offender registry

The Lodge Love Guarantee is not an insurance policy or provider. It is highly encouraged that you have a homeowner/landlord insurance policy in place, with a short-term policy in place, as a professional standard when operating a short-term rental.

If you have questions or your unsure that your policy is adequate, you can review your policy with our trusted insurance partner Andrew Gill Insurance Agency.

When you list your property, you can choose to include a mandatory liability waiver as a requirement to book your property.  When a guest completes the booking process for your property, they acknowledge your liability waiver and hold harmless agreement, thus limiting your exposure to liability lawsuits. 

No other short-term rental platform offers all this!